How to Create a Sustainable Giving Circle

A Quick Guide to Creating a 13 Moon Sacred Giving* Circle 

Example of sacred symmetry


  1. You must limit your group to 13 women.
  2. You agree to meet once per lunar cycle (each new moon or full moon) – every woman MUST commit to being present for circle EVERY moon for 13 moons.
  3. At the start of the year, every woman puts her name on a piece of paper and places it into a jar (one woman guards this for safe-keeping).
  4. Every month, when you meet, each women gives $100 into a pot (or cauldron).
  5. During the gathering, share food, hold ceremony, share with each other your dreams, visions, and manifestations.
  6. Every month, during the gathering one woman’s name is taken out of the jar and that woman gets to take home the entire pot ($1,300).
  7. Continue this ceremony for 13 moons, removing one woman’s name each moon, until every woman has experienced receiving the $1,300 gift.
  8. When you do the accounting at the end of the year (you can do on a simple paper ledger kept in the same jar as the names), make sure that each woman has given $1,300 and has received the exact same amount ($1,300).

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How to transform the “Gifting Circle” into a true Giving Circle

Over the past few weeks a number of people have asked about legal and sustainable alternatives to the “Gifting Circle.”¬† I have been hearing rumors about new “circles” that are “less illegal” and offer a lower entry fee. Yet, these are still based on exponential growth through recruitment of new members and promise a profitable return . . . which still makes them illegal investment pyramids and financially unsustainable.
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