Fabric Earth Dreamscape – A felt rug as a catalyst for change


Catching an updraft, I glide over the ridge. Feeling the wind whisper the threat of rain, I see the glaring reflection on the river against a backdrop of thunder. The valley below tormented by brown and black streaks, twisted stretched branches with muddy fingers reaching for the sea. Trees no longer stand, the beaver dam washed down river. Leaning my head into the wind, I swoop down feeling the current over my entire body.  Searching, desperately for my usual spot: The shallow calm where insects hum and trout kiss the surface. It is gone. The fish are gone. All I see are streaks of black and brown, a tangled mess of branches caught by mud. I am hungry. I want fish for breakfast. I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling. Confused, I look to my left. Husband still asleep. My refrigerator doesn’t have trout this morning. I wonder . . . where can I get trout in the city? Continue reading “Fabric Earth Dreamscape – A felt rug as a catalyst for change”