Design Methodology

Workshop participants trying out on-site research techniques in deep empathy
Workshop participants trying out on-site research techniques in deep empathy
Our methodology includes Design Thinking techniques like brainstorming and prototyping.
Our methodology incorporates Design Thinking techniques to identify opportunities for action.
workshop participants
Workshop participants practicing rapid prototyping, feedback and iteration.

Green Ideas uses a unique design methodology based on Ideo’s Human Centered Design Toolkit.

Human Centered Design is a method of problem solving that uses empathy for understanding the context of a problem, creativity in identifying insights and possible solutions, and rationality in analyzing and planning various solutions.

It integrates the Social Listening data into an additive idea building design process, which includes rapid prototyping, community feedback and iteration.

This process moves from empathy into creativity. The results of design thinking become highly successful messaging, tools, campaigns and products. We find it particularly useful in campaign development, user experience design and information design.


We offer workshops in how to use our unique design methodology to gain actionable results and create positive change. We recommend having a specific project to frame the techniques we will be covering, even if it is hypothetical or a past project. People tend to learn best by doing and having a concrete application will increase comprehension and retention.  Workshop duration varies with the needs of the client and the complexity of the design project. We recommend a minimum of 3 days for basic familiarization with the techniques, and up to 12 days spread over several weeks to see a project through from start to finish. Contact us to learn more and to inquire about pricing.