Pyramid Scheme Education Campaign

Pyramid Scheme Education Campaign

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Summary  This campaign was a personal project that took approximately 80 hours to develop. After being invited five times to participate in an investment pyramid scheme masked as women’s economic empowerment, it became painfully aware that a lack of education was causing this structure to grow. The campaign started with a powerpoint presentation we posted to Slideshare.  Within a few days the presentation was viewed by 10,000 people. Within a month it reached 38,000. To promote the presentation, we used social media and also pitched the story to news sources read by the target audience (left-leaning, spiritual new-age women). The story got picked up by three publications and a radio show. While the effectiveness is nearly impossible to track, due to the secrecy around these groups, we have heard a number of reports that most of the pyramid scheme “Gifting Circles” are now defunct.

To help with the emotional, social and financial repercussions we started a private online group, available via invitation only, to support the women who have left these groups. A number of community leaders have volunteered their time for counseling, as well as financial and legal advising. Many women have shared their heartbreaking experiences of being part of the circles and leaving them.

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