Ban The Bag Campaign


Ban The Bag Campaign

Budget $30,000

Timeline 6 months

Summary ChicoBag hired Green Ideas to lead the Ban The Bag campaign for ChicoBag (2007), a  social viral marketing effort to support plastic bag ban legislation. Green Ideas developed the campaign strategy around comedic character development of the BagMonster (www. an on-the-ground grassroots and viral web media campaign to raise awareness of the problems with single use bags and encourage behavior change. Green Ideas developed & produced campaign collateral for the ChicoBag vs. Bag Monster 2007 campaign, including:

  • Online and print advertising (see ads images at right).
  • Video production – examples: Here and here.
  • Social media and Blog participation – Youtube, Facebook, with initiating related blogs and reaching out to eco blogs to write about the bag ban and ChicoBag. Examples: Here, here, and here.
  • Grassroots email outreach, large party with eco fashion show, street theater.

ChicoBag sales grew 30% during the campaign. Over 70,000 hits to the ChicoBag website. YouTube videos received over 50,000 views combined during the campaign (with all time nearly 100,000 views). Over 400 people attended the ChicoBag events.

AmberAndBagMonster Dont feed Bag monster