Bring Your Own Bag Campaign

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Regional Bring Your Own Bag Campaigns

Budget $100,000 annual advertising budget, repeated over three years

Timeline Three year campaign, each year included 8 months of coordination and preparation  with 8 weeks of airtime

Summary  Green Ideas was hired by the City of San Francisco to manage the Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition (BayROC) regional campaigns. Scope of work included: Campaign coordination, fundraising from nearly 50 participating agencies, copy and content production, media buy management, creative radio and online advertising, social media strategy and implementation. The Bring Your Own Bag campaign ran for nearly three years. In addition to campaign management, Green Ideas helped facilitate the first-ever strategic plan for BayROC. In this process, BayROC reconfirmed its focus on the Bring Your Own Bag Campaign ( and prioritized exploration of opportunities to develop social marketing and reach out to multi-cultural audiences. Green Ideas also implemented behavior change data analysis to look at the net result of the BayROC campaigns, adjusted for policy changes.

The social media strategy included a viral Pay It Forward bag give-away strategy encouraging peer-to-peer participation and face-to-face message sharing. We invited participants to “like” the Facebook page and they receive two bags (up to 200 participants). The participants get to keep one bag and give the other away, with the suggestion that they Pay It Forward.In implementing the strategic plan, Green Ideas developed the first social media strategy for BayROC, setting a benchmark in the first year. Green Ideas also produced the first-ever Spanish radio ad copy and online animated banner ads ( We also continued with TV and radio advertising BayROC had used in previous years. The social media implementation included a Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr ( These campaigns resulted in over 13 million airtime and 5 million online impressions and a 3% increase in reusable bag use.


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